Don't Want to Pay for Washing and Shampoo Services?

Bring your dog to Loveland Shop N Wash and clean them yourself in Loveland, CO

Washing and shampoo services can be expensive if you're paying a professional groomer. Instead of paying those high prices, bring your dog to Shop n Wash in Loveland. Our dog wash entrance in the rear has its own parking lot and our tubs are first-come, first-serve so no need to make an appointment to get your pet clean. Your wet dogs picture can even go up on our wall of fame for everyone to see if you would like.

Shop n Wash dog wash is a fully licensed, inspected and PACFA certified facility.

Call 970-880-5328 today for more information on our self-serve dog wash.

What supplies do we have for you?

If you bring in your dog to get them neat and clean, we'll make sure you have all the tools for the job. Our professional dog tub and grooming equipment includes:

  • Aprons and unlimited towels
  • Your choice of high quality shampoos
  • Brushes
  • Blow dryers
  • FURminator tools
  • Nail clippers and mat scissors

Grooming and shampoo services start at $13 for the first dog and $10 for every dog after that. We also have a loyalty program where the 10th visit is FREE! (Loyalty points can be combined with our laundry services)

If you have any questions about our professional dog tubs, reach out to us today.